xmms won't play CD's

Matt Rogers matt at matt.rogers.name
Wed Mar 12 22:38:10 PST 2003

On Thursday 13 March 2003 12:29 am, you wrote:
> On 13 Mar, Matt Rogers spoke thusly:
> >> It's working now and I'm really confused.  Same hardware
> >> exactly, kernel 2.4.18 (host) vs 2.4.20 (blfs).  Xmms is the same
> >> version, 1.2.7, compiled from source on both, and on blfs, the actual
> >> cdrom (/dev/hdc) has to have permission 666 to work and on my host
> >> system it works with 600.  Really !
> >
> > That's strange. It _shouldn't_ have worked with permissions being 600,
> > unless you were logging on as root all the time (which we all know is a
> > bad idea).
> No, Matt, I only log on as root when I'm trying to unconsciously destroy
> my system.  There must be a logical reason for this.  I'm glad to hear
> that 666 is the right permission on /dev/hdc, though.  I did check and
> found that on the 600 host system, xmms is not suid root.  Nope, that's
> not it, either.  Maybe we should all blame it on Redhat.
> > Pam shouldn't really matter, since AFAIK, pam doesn' t control access to
> > the devices themselves (somebody please correct and enlighten me if i'm
> > wrong) so the only way that pam could have any possible effect on this is
> > if it was configured wrong, IMVHO.
> >
> > Glad you got it working though,
> Thanks.
> --
> Wayne
> Every major plan has a minor flaw and every major flaw has a minor plan.

I wasn't trying to imply that you were running as root all the time, but only 
that xmms shouldn't have played CDs with redhat, either. :-)
So i'm all for blaming it on Redhat! ;-)  

stupid redhat, linux isn't for kids! (Sorry, Trix commerical rip-off)

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