Screen stays black - Power management

The Cheeze Cheeziologist at
Mon Mar 10 19:29:39 PST 2003

Andre Kalus <akalus at> wrote:
> Hi,
> when I do not press a key for some time, the screen turns black and
> does not restore if I press any key or mouve the mouse.
> I guess it schould be a problem with APM but as it is a laptop I do
> not want to disable it completly. Any hint which kernel options to
> set or to unset?
> Thanks in advance
> Andre

First of all, I wouldn't overlook that it might in fact be a bios setting
that is turning off your monitor. That being said, I would also type in
"setterm -blank 0" at the command line (w/o the quotes of course). For more
info on setterm you can, as always, man setterm.

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