Bash trouble reading /etc/profile

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Tue Mar 4 18:32:48 PST 2003

Fletcher, Jason A wrote:

>When I try to use a profile with bash-2.05a, some funny stuff happens.
>If I use the /etc/profile from the blfs cvs, I lose usage of my 'n' key
>when I login.  If I create a .bash_profile in a user directory and
>'source .bash_profile' the user gets logged out.
>Both profiles have if statements, though I doubt that's the issue.
>(Haven't tried, so I can't know for sure.)  I used glibc-2.3(.1, I
>think.  I'm in my Windows partion for the mailing) and gcc-3.2.1 when

What are the contents of /etc/profile and ~/.bash_profile?  Do you lose 
the n key if you have no /etc/profile or ~/.bash* or ~/.profile?  Do you 
lose both n and N?  Waht are the contents of ~/.inputrc?
  -- Bruce

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