Mail not showing up in mutt

Seth W.Klein sk at
Sat Mar 1 12:19:32 PST 2003

"Mark A. Nicolosi" <markan at> wrote:
> Sorry, I can't reply to my first from a few minutes ago, so I had
> to start a new thread...
> I just noticed something else: Fetchmail isn't even downloading the
> messages from myself. Any reason it'd do this?

Have you tried either checking manually via POP3 or using something
like popcheck[1] to see if the messages are actually there?

Most MLM's have an option to turn off sending you your own posts.
You could query listar[2] to see if you've set that.

Seth W. Klein

[1] popcheck:
[2] query listar: email listar at with "commands"
	in the body of the message and no subject to learn how.
	Without the quotes, of course, and trim signatures since
	i don't remember the "stop processing" command.
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