Bash Shell Startup Files Problems

Rolf rolfwind at
Sat Mar 1 09:01:21 PST 2003

Well, the first thing is that I updated these
according to the book but right after I log on (in
root) I get:

:command not found
:command not found
:command not found
`ash: /etc/profile: line 13: syntax error near
unexpected token `{
`ash: /etc/profile: line 13: `pathman () {
:command not found
:command not found
:command not found
bash: /root/.profile: line 22: syntax error:
unexpected end of file

Then it goes into a normal prompt.  I put in the five
files directly from the web page, so there are no
typing errors.  I went through the files and can only
think that this is caused by the fact that my LFS
system is a 3.1, while I'm just starting on the
current BLFS.  Anybody know the problem?

Also, if I want the latest packages, can I just
download them and follow the LFS instructions or has
the system directories been changed significantly
since  3.1?

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