Kernel Panic [was Is my hardware dying?]

Chris Jensen chris-lfs at
Sat Mar 1 05:45:59 PST 2003

> each problem is different. Consider loading when it crashed, and lenght
> of use.
At first I would have said heavy loading, but then it happened shortly after 
boot before I'd even logged in and there were no background processes working 
in the bg, it looks like it's not related to load or uptime.

> Have you checked the memory yet?
Yep, fine.
> Does it go awol on a large compile?
> Some code or some memory is probably dodgy - that's the 'seat of
> the pants' feeling I have about it
AFAIK the software is all good, I've never had a fsck requiring manual 
intervention, I wouldn't make cleaned the kernel as it was a new install of 
I started pulling hardware and then as I pulled the old quantum 6 gig 
(/dev/hdd, non vital), I remebered that when I first put that in, the hdd 
light would stay on from boot time to shutdown of course that was 3 months or 
so ago, so I've gotten used to it and didn't think of it! So (duh) that's 
probably related to the problem - so I've left all the other hardware and 
just pulled that disk, I'll leave it like this for at least a  week which 
should be sufficient time for the problem to hit again if it's unrelated. But 
I recall that when I first inquired about the hdd light remaining on, someone 
did mention that it was related to IRQ.

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