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torsten torsten at
Sat Mar 1 03:12:50 PST 2003

On Wed the 26 Feb 2003 at 19 hours EST
>Hi all,
>I am wondering if anyone has recommendations for what sort of GUI system
>I can put on my new LFS system.  Specifically I only need a graphical
>web browser and a graphical text editor.
>Are there any stable, lighter weight, options besides XFree86 + KDE and
>XFree86 + Gnome that you guys recommend?

I hesitated to reply, because I'm a little compulsive about my desire to
reduce complexity and increase productivity.  I've come up with a concept
I call "MWLD" which means "Minimalistic Windowless Linux Desktop".  To
the nitpickers: I'm sure this idea/concept is not original.

Basically, I've dumped GNOME and KDE because they are way too slow
and complex for me.  I use independent applications.

Here's basically how it works.
	- I use WindowMaker, stripped of the dock, apps, everything. Just
	  a blank desktop.
	- one graphical application (gkrellm) starts up
	- gkrellm provides: clock, calendar, volume, single-click app launcher
	- most apps open up fullscreen. (no resizing, no dragging, etc)
	- I switch between apps using two things - the scroll wheel changes
	  desktops, alt-tab changes applications on a desktop.
	- The desktop has a "frame" of 2 pixels, so pushing the mouse to any
	  border and scolling allows me to flip applications real fast.

With this config, my computer boots in about 30sec into X (500Mhz laptop).  One 
click on an application name, and that's it.  Off to work.

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