hardware detection in lfs

Henk Csaba tphhec01 at degas.ceu.hu
Mon Jan 20 08:37:43 PST 2003

On Mon, 20 Jan 2003, P.B.Prabhuram wrote:

> I am adding a new hardware to my lfs pc,  ( i have
> compiled the module for that hardware with my kernel )
> now by juct typing 'modprobe' can detect and install
> that hardware or it requires additional commands ??
> Please dont scare me ;-) , i expect a answer as simple
> as this question...

 The simplest answer you could get would be the result of trying to do so,
 In most cases it will do.
 Anyway, you need device files set up correctly; if your hardware is not
exotic, you have a nice chance that this is the case. If not, seek up the
regarding howto (www.tldp.org) or other ware(-type)-specific doc, it will
tell you what to do.
 And you may also need to put some settings to /etc/modules.conf; again,
if so, it must be covered by the documentation.
 If you compile a new kernel with its modules, and you build the module,
then after "make modules_install" and booting with the new kernel, the
device should work after "modprobe <module>" (keeping in mind the above
two paragraphs).
 If you want to install a device to an existing kernel, then if you
make and put the specific module to its place manually (the simplest way
to do, I think), you will need to run depmod also before modprobe-ing.
(Now I don't digress on the problem of how to make modules for an existing
kernel. One should try to figure it out.)


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