POV-Ray and mpeg2encode success.

John Gay jgay at celestica.com
Fri Feb 21 23:18:16 PST 2003

With minimum fuss, I was able to get POV-Ray to compile and run on my shiny
new KDE3.0 desktop. After playing with a few of the static scenes included
in it, I decided to try the glass ball bouncing inside a red-brick room

I generated the 60 images with POV-Ray, then compiled the mpeg2encode tool
to encode the sequence into an mpeg. This was a bit tricky, as mpeg2encode
is a strange beast to tame, but I finally got an 640X480 mpeg of the glass
ball bouncing! And this plays fine with MPlayer.

My next animation will be the feature-length re-make of Tron that I've been
writing ;-)

Seriously, though. POV-Ray seems to compile and install with minimum
options to the configure script. Just need to verify the various install
paths to see if anything else needs modifying. MPlayer seems just as well
behaved. the mpeg tools are another matter. There is no configure script,
just a Makefile and no install target. It just creates two binaries, an
encoder and a decoder. And the parameter file for creating mpegs is nothing
less than a level 9 spell. This tool would take quite a bit of work to be
usable by any but the most determined.

Does anyone know of a better tool for creating mpegs from a series of
images? I'll have to check the licence in the mpeg tool to see if it can be
whipped into something usable otherwise.


      John Gay

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