gzexe.... worth it?

adam boz adam_boz at phreaker.net
Tue Nov 26 21:50:09 PST 2002

Declan Moriarty wrote:

> Take out your trusty boot disk. 

no need.... I have my trusty LFS system :-)

I built this system so that I could MAKE a boot cd (w/ an auto-lfs).

> you didn't turn gzexe in INIT, did you? That would be chicken and egg, 
> because gzexe couldn't load unless it was in the kernel, or unless init 
> loaded it.

Yeah, that could be the problem w/ the bootup.  I also put a new kernel 
in there, and I might have done something wrong there (I put lilo on a 
floppy, and didn't run lilo again after the new kernel, but It wouldn't 
work with the lilo that's on my MBR either... after doing the usual 
copying kernel to /boot of main system and running lilo)

I chroot'd into the system from my main one, and ran "man gzexe", and I 
got the same thing.  It seems like it is getting stuck in some kind of 
endless shell loop.  I read over the man pages again (on my main sys.), 
and it looks like gzexe makes a script linking to gzip, and it also uses 
tail, chmod, ln, and sleep.  I think that I may have gzexe'd something I 
shouldn't have, and that's why the loop started.

ooh well, I had backed up the fresh LFS system before I tinkered with 
it, so I just re-formatted, and extracted the backup.  I'm gonna try 
again,this time being a little more carefull ;-)

P.S.- How do you make a tar archive of, say everything in /mnt/hdb1, and 
have it unpack as the root dir (instead of mnt/hdb1/usr, mnt/hdb1/root, 

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