Stupid move of the night

Jeroen Coumans jeroencoumans at
Sun Nov 10 23:31:36 PST 2002

On Monday 11 November 2002 04:46, Jamie Norwood wrote:
> So, upon reaslising that my directories did not create 755, I decided
> I needed to fix them the quick, east way. A 'chmod -R 755 /' later,
> and I am a bit, well, hosed.
> I fixed su and ssh, but the rest of the system is sill like that. Any
> suggestions on the best way to approach fixing things? I am mostly
> worried about what programs should have the suid bit set, actual
> permissions are likely OK beyond that, with a bit of looking around.

Leave it like that, it actually makes your system safer! (Well, in a 
way). When you notice things don't work as a user which used to work 
before, then try to set the suid bit for the respective binary. That 
said, here's a list of binaries which have the suid bit set on my 


Btw. my suid binaries are actually mode 4750, in group wheel.

Jeroen Coumans
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