linking problems...

Sam Halliday sam at
Sun May 12 15:00:41 PDT 2002

hi again,

i have been having problems building kde3, it keeps trying to link to the old 
qt2 ones, depsite my paths all being correct... i think i have come a little 
closer to the cause of the problem, i dont think my qt3 install has been 
full, when i run ls on /usr/lib/qt3/lib i get;

most people (i assume) have the file also.... mine wasnt built, 
and running make all in the qt3 source just says that everything is compiled 
as it should be... has anyone else experienced this? and could somebody 
please give me a quick 'ls' of their qt3 libs directory? cheers

thanks in advance! im getting ever closer to kde3, yippee!
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