permissions and 'su' problems

Seth W. Klein sk at
Wed Feb 27 07:14:44 PST 2002

Gerard Beekmans <gerard at> wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 26, 2002 at 01:00:05PM +0100, tia wrote:
> > Hi people, after a long long time i installed my lfs system with 
> > everything i need...
> > i just used root user in this period as the only work i did was 
> > configuring the system.
> > Now i have completed this work and so i want my normal account to be 
> > able to work on the system... but i have some problems:
> > -1 i used chmod 777 -R /usr to let everyone use everything (not a good 
> > solution, i know, but it was just to see if it worked) but when  i try 
> > tiping startx i get error messages by xauth and xinit.
> > -2 if i'm using my normal account and i type su it returns :
> > "password authentication bypassed ( all right, i created the /etc/suauth 
> > file)
> > setgid: Operation not permitted" ( WHYYYYYY???!!)
> > in my /etc/suauth file i simply edited the line:
> > root:dalamar:NOPASS
> The chmod 777 removed some setuid bits from some programs like 'su' and
> 'XFree86'. Run "chmod 4777" on those programs that need setuid root

And this wouldn't have happened if you'd used "chmod a+rwx -R /usr".
See "man chmod" for how this works.

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