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Simon Geard delgarde at
Tue Dec 10 02:23:05 PST 2002

Kris van Rens wrote:

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> From: "Arindam Dey" <lfsdeveloper at>
> > Now is there anyway i can get back the old partition
> > table??? Or is there anyway that i can at least
> > retrieve my data at least my data
> >
> > Somebody out there pls helllllp
> >
> Hey,
> I thought there were some programs to fix that up, I don't
> know.
> But I fixed it once by starting up with a
> tomsrootbootdisk-like
> linux distro, and made a partitiontable _exactly_ over the
> old one.
> The point here is, you'll need to know you configuration
> _exactly_.
> It's a good habit to save your partitioninfo on a note
> somewhere
> after install.
Yes, I did something like that when a friend accidentally deleted the
windows partition on his dual-boot system. Since it was just the one
partition, I was able to simply reallocate all unallocated space to the
new partition, without worrying about configuration details - it worked

If you're missing multiple partitions though, it becomes a lot messier,
since you need to know the exact start and end points of each one.
Getting it wrong would probably be a bad thing.

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