S10...,S20...,S30..., Commands Not found. But they are there.

Jerry Hoover jbhoo at charter.net
Mon Aug 19 21:25:43 PDT 2002

John Pierce wrote:
> Dear Anyone
> I experienced an unforeseen error while I was booting up my LFS for
> the first time after building it. It basically told me that the
> commands S10swap, S20., S30. were not found in the
> /etc/rc.d/rcsysinit.d directory. Error 127.

Are your Failures like the ones below?
if so read the post in the lfs support (my last post before I start over)
especialy the 4th & 5th post from the bottom

Activating all swap file /partitions...
/etc/rc.d/rcsysinit.d/S10swap: swapon: command not found

mounting proc file system....
/etc/rc.d/rcsysinit.d/S20mountproc: mount: command not found

/etc/rc.d/rcsysinit.d/S30checkfs: mount: command not found

It goes on with a couple more and then

gonna run : /etc/rc.d/init.d/halt

flushing ide devices:hda hdc
power down
checking file system....
ex2fs_check_if_mount:No such file or directory while determining 
wheather /dev/hda3 is mounted
/dev/hda3: clean xxxx files xxxxx blocks
/etc/rc.d/rcsysinit.d/S40mountfs: mount: command not found

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