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> Since the first time i run my lfs the normal prompt was: root:$ Now that
> I've installed blackbox, after startx, the xterm prompt is: bash-2.04#
> What's the difference?
> I found out that the file .bash_profile is valid only for the login
> prompt (root:$) so, i can't setup the xterm bash in any way.
> Furthermore, switching between root and user under "root:$" prompt, it
> changes in: sh-2.04. How many bash do i have?
> What's the file to set them up correctly? I'd really appreciate an
> explanation about this mess.

Well it really depends on how you want to go about it, There are two ways
to do it. Set the command for xterm to be /path/to/xterm --login

or you can create a .bashrc file in your home directory with the bash
options you want while in an X terminal.

You can do this either by symlinking .basrc to .bash_profile if you want
identical profiles, or you can vi .bashrc and type in:

source ~/.bash_profile

plus any additional options you want that you don't want in a normal
console term.

Coversley you may want less options for your xterm in which case you
don't want to source it to .bash_profile at all.

Its up to you, and the best place to learn is man bash which will inturn
also direct you to read man .bash_profile, man .bashrc, man .bash_logout, 
man .inputrc and /etc/profile

They all have their functions.

Scot Mc Pherson
"Linux is a Journey not a Guided Tour" ~ Me
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