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Craig Colton meerkats at bellsouth.net
Fri Sep 14 18:39:17 PDT 2001

Ian Molton wrote:

>On Thu, 13 Sep 2001 20:28:01 -0400
>Craig Colton <meerkats at bellsouth.net> scribbled insanely:
>>    And, I would like to commend you on having 2 American friends. I'm 
>>sure that qualifies you for something.
>A tax refund? that'd be nice ;)
>>I'll check back through your post 
>>again, but I don't think I saw an answer to my question.
>>That is, why you took the opportunity to pick apart an obviously old and
>>inaccurate essay at a time when silence would have been much more 
>>appropiate. Americans are insensitive? Hmmm.
>I've never seen the essay before. I didnt know how old its purported to be
>(I also didnt read all of it, I just replied to a bit that 'got my goat').
>I didnt post the essay, I merely commented on a small part of it.
>Maybe you should ask whoever posted it why they did so? as its so
>obviously old and irrelevant...
Okay Ian,
    I feel better today and hope I can write a little more civilly. The 
"God bless
America" editorial is from a man named (I think) Gordon Sinclair circa 
1974. Since it has made the rounds more than once, I guess I figured 
everybody had seen it by now. I guess I also thought that the timing of 
its reappearance was pretty obvious under the circumstances. If my 
feelings are any indication, this is an emotionally trying time for the 
average Amercan. With the self criticism that we level upon us, and the 
dissatifaction of our behavior that is many times expressed abroad, it 
helps to think that at least at a time like this we can unite, and that 
our "friends" (who have faced similar crises), might offer some 
semblance of support.
    The facts of the essay are somewhat wrong - as you pointed out. The 
general thought - that America is under or unappreciated for any 
benevolence it displays - is, however, probably correct.
Though it is easy to point at any benevelant act and find a way that we 
have supposedly benefitted from it, I assure you, Americans consider 
themselves benevolant.One would be naive to believe that we always act 
that way, but  as far as I know nobody's perfect.  
    I'm tired of talking - thats it for me. On top of everything else, 
my LFS computer is down (power supply or MB), so I"m otherwise pissed. 
For all I know, Windows might spit this thing out in HTML - wouldn't be 

By the way, good luck on that tax rebate thing. You'll probably get 
yours about the same time I get mine - you know - never : )

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