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Nicolas Nieswandt Nicolas.N at gmx.de
Thu Sep 13 14:12:05 PDT 2001

Very good words to close this thread.
You said what I was thinking about not knowing how to spell.


On Thu, Sep 13, 2001, Carl Flippin wrote:
I thought I would add a few thoughts to the discussion. This is a tragedy of
immense proportions and the proper response, after we have done all we
can in terms of saving as many lives as possible, is to see that it never
happens again. Unfortunately, there seems to be a real polarization in the
debate which cannot but harm the dialogue. We, as a country, cannot
allow ourselves to be short-sighted in out decisions as to the action to
in response.

It is foolhardy to claim that simply wiping Afghanistan off the face of the
will solve the problem. A wholesale slaughter of the people of Afghanistan
only serve to further entrench the mutual animosity which led us here in the
first place. The attack has had an amazing effect on America's "civic
In just a very short time, the nation has unified in a way I have never, in
short life, witnessed. To assume that a widespread, unfocused attack will
not do the same to the people of Afghanistan is to invite disaster.

However, failing to attack those responsible in a profound and meaningful
way will be just as bad. To allow these actions to go unpunished, would
surely invite further attacks upon our nation and others allied with us.
The people who perpetrated this crime have committed an act of
unmitigated evil and to allow them to stand is unimaginable. However,
our response in that regard must be careful and precise.

The point is, we must not allow ourselves to be swept up into saying,
"Bomb them all to hell." However, we must also avoid being swept
up into saying, "Take no military action." Given the political climate
as it stands now, avoiding military action is largely impossible. We
must insist, though, that the action inflicts as little damage as possible
to those not involved and that that action is followed by a serious
change in foreign policy. Not towards isolation but towards inclusion
and stabilization. Marginalizing those nations historically associated
with terrorism will not lead to a reduction in terrorism. It will only
lead to more suffering. It is only through a multi-faceted approach
that this problem will be solved in the long run.

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