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Fri Sep 7 20:20:35 PDT 2001

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Subject: Re: Media Players problem

> > I have the same problem with xmms and arts,
> > but also with aviplay and other applications.
> >
> > I use alsa driver, may be this ?
> >
> > My artsd installation come with kde installation
> > wich version of kde/arts are you speaking about ?
> >
> > I've tried shutting down the kde sound server and then playnig
> > can do.
> > even tried running bare X and then XMMS..still no go.
> > My basic problem is that i can't add any songs to the playlist! I've
> > even tried building XMMS again,
> > KDEMultimedia also again, but now i;'ve resigned myself to having a
> > music-less lfs box...:-(
> >
> > kishor
> If you're using alsa 0.9x, switch back to alsa 5.x, this one is
stable. 0.9
> has a new api and many programs don't work with it yet. Keep in mind
> you'll probably have to recompile some programs, at least artsd.

I'm using version 0.5 :-('s some additional info :
On bootup, i'm starting the sound drivers, and these are the messages i
see :

Starting sound driver:snd-card-intel8x0 PCI:
Found IRQ 9 for device 00:1f:5
PCI:The same IRQ used for device 00:1f:3
PCI:Setting latency timer of device 00:1f:5 to 64

Can anone see anything wrong with this?


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