Adding a user

Heinz Kirchmann kirchman at
Fri Sep 7 04:04:02 PDT 2001

> I obtained copy of strace, connected to my ISP (as user fergus), brought
> up Netscape & tried to go to LFS.  Same result as before. Ran strace - a
> lot of gobbledegook which frankly I don't understand, plus a second copy
> of Netscape! Here is the output:
This is hard to read for me. Can you please try once again using
  'strace netscape 1>fail.log 2>&1'   (* in bash *)
  'strace netscape >& fail.log'   (* in tcsh *)
Then please try to go to, then exit netscape and
send the file fail.log as an attachment. This file will probably be big,
so perhaps it's better to send it to me directly and not to the whole

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