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Heinz Kirchmann kirchman at
Thu Sep 6 08:02:04 PDT 2001

> Sorry I didn't explain myself very well.  Yes I can connect to my ISP,
> ping works, but if I wish to point my browser to
> "", for example, it just throws up an
> error message: "Resource temporarily unavailable".  Ditto with my mail
> program (and I have tried two), can't send, can't receive.
> It doesn't bother me much in one sense, since I can (obviously) do
> everything as root.  But I am concerned about security.  Or is this not
> too much of a problem on a single machine such as I have?
Working as root should be avoided as possible. There must be
a solution for a "normal" user, too.

To find out what is going on, please tell me, what happens exactly:
a) connecting and ping works for root as well as for a normal user,
b) Although you have a perfect connection to the internet as a normal
   user (means routing and resolving names works), you can't get certain
   applications (like netscape) to work
c) Besides netscape and sendmail, what about other 'internet applications'
   (e.g. lynx, wget, nslookup or whatsoever). Does any of them work?
   Obviously ping does, doesn't it.

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