Xine guru needed

Steve Bougerolle steveb at
Wed Oct 31 14:17:47 PST 2001

On 01/11/01 00:35 Mike Hildebrandt wrote:

> > For example, DVDNAV will NOT play the fourth episode of
> > Fawlty Towers, on
> > the first disk (and that was one of the best, so I was quite
> > annoyed by
> > that).
> Do you mean you can't select it from the Episode Selection menu (maybe it
> works in the chapter selection menu, or clicking "Play all episodes" then
> hitting 'next chapter' over and over...)?  I haven't personally tried
> Xine/DVDNAV (yet - I have it but I haven't found time to compile it), but
> DVDNAV 0.9.2 contains code from Ogle 0.8.0 for the menus, and I've had no
> problems watching Fawlty Towers in Ogle so in theory dvdnav _shouldn't_
> have
> the problem you have.

The menu shows up and I can select any episode, but it can't find episode 4
to play and skips back to episode 1.  The first three all work OK.  

I have the same problem if I try to fast forward through the chapters or
open dvdnav://:4 directly.  It doesn't find that episode and/or can't
decrypt it for some reason.

This is the first version of DVDNav I've used so is it possible they broke
something just in this release?
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