Crash building RPM 4.0

Ripalda-Marin, Miguel-Angel maripalda at
Mon Oct 29 04:01:06 PST 2001

Hi everybody,

This problem that I have looks similar to the one about XFree86 4.0.2 that I
have just posted a few minutes before...

I'm using the LFS Hint for installing RPM 4.0 on my LFS 3.0 box, and
I'm getting some problem that forces it to crash when building it. I have no
problem compiling sources for zlib 1.1.3, gnupg 1.0.4 and db3 3.1.17... the
problem (I don't include the whole ouput) comes up when I try to 'make' the
RPM 4.0 sources and it looks like this:

gcc ... .libs/popt.lo
Error in function 'poptGetNextOpt'
'FLT_MAX' undeclared
'FLT_MIN' undeclared

that doesn't make much sense for my.... and I would like to compile that
app... so, anyone would be so kind to help me?

Thanks in advance and best regards,

Miguel Ángel Ripalda Marín 
Siemens Elasa S.A. 
T, I + D Sistemas 
Pol. Malpica, D-98 50016 Zaragoza, España 
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Fax:		(34) 976 760 346 
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