Various problems with Asus CUV266-D involving SMP, TMP FS and RAM disk

J.A. Neitzel jan.listbox at
Fri Oct 26 21:23:46 PDT 2001

Steve Bougerolle wrote:
>> > 2) This box has 2 GB of memory because I want to use 1.5 of it to make
>> a
>> > huge ram disk to speed up
>> I do not think you will gain much doing so. Linux will use all available
>> memory for caching anyway.
> The same box also holds everybody's home directories, so as many as 45
> people could be accessing it at the same time.  The RAM/TMP disk should
> make sure that the files I want stay in memory, whereas if I count on
> caching I'm not going to be sure that "install_image.tar.gz" won't get
> flushed out in favor of 20 or 30 smaller files which users ask for.

I think using tmpfs would be better than ram disk for this sort of
thing. Using tmpfs is just easier and more flexible than ram disks.
I don't know if it, tmpfs, is more efficient though. Regardless, it
is quite nice really...

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