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J.A. Neitzel jan.listbox at belvento.org
Fri Oct 26 21:10:02 PDT 2001

Craig Colton wrote:
> On Thursday 25 October 2001 06:05 am, Simon Geard wrote:
>> On Thursday 25 October 2001 17:59, J.A. Neitzel wrote:
>> > So... Just a question of curiosity here, but what is wvdial and what
>> > does it do that pppd does not do? I *only* use pppd now, but I tried
>> > a couple of these gui ppp interfaces before...
>> Basically, it's a nice wrapper for pppd - does the same sort of thing as
>> graphical apps like kppp, but is console based. I don't see the point in
>> installing it - I just run /etc/ppp/ppp-on, as provided by the pppd
>> package.

>  Yes, but with all due respect, wvdial makes kppp look like a snail.

Hmmm, at least now I can say that I know what wvdial is... =)
Still, I will stick with plain old pppd without any happy
extras like wvdial.

If you like shell programming and take the "configure-it-by-hand"
approach, pppd can frankly be a pleasant challenge/surprise when you
get it all configured. The rewards of creating a working dial-up
connection with nothing more than pppd and a few shell scripts is
quite satisfying really.

And the thing is... I can keep accounting logs of all connections.
Nice for checking against your ISP bill to know if they are trying to
cheat you out of a few scant pennies here or there ;^)

All WITHOUT a GUI or some other program. I know, wvdial is _not_ a
GUI proggie... This is just my sales pitch for PPPD =)
Cheerios - yummy snack food =)

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