lfs on a 386 system

suser kandys at xxx.lt
Thu Oct 25 14:41:57 PDT 2001

> Probably you have compiled for 386 *only* the kernel. You need to compile
> everything for 386, either changing the -march and -mcpu parameters in
> every package, hacking uname to show 386 instead of 686, or both. Search
> the archive for that, it has been discussed many times.
> --
> Guillermo Pereyra Irujo
> Mar del Plata, Argentina
But the lfs optimization hint says:
'On Intel platforms software is compiled for i386 processors by default.'
Is this not true?

I barely have any experience but i guess that a well-designed package should
have no -march and -mcpu parameters set by default, and, thus compile for
i386. (and the hint confirms this guess)
Or is it that the compiler is by default compiling for some architecture
wich it has detected during its installation? (also seems unlikely to me)

Sorry if this all is answered in the archives - I haven't look through them
Really A LOT to look through....

Maybe you could remember and tell me at least in what maillist I should look
for it?

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