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J.A. Neitzel jan.listbox at belvento.org
Wed Oct 24 21:59:53 PDT 2001

Ian Molton wrote:
> On stardate Wed, 24 Oct 2001 18:40:23 -0400
> Craig began the full scale invasion of earth with the following words:

<snip />

>> Don't forget wvdial :)
> wvdial is bloody excellent (if I still had a modem I'd be using it now :)

So... Just a question of curiosity here, but what is wvdial and what
does it do that pppd does not do? I *only* use pppd now, but I tried
a couple of these gui ppp interfaces before...

Anyway, I have to agree with Marc Heerdink and his stating the idea
that pppd is all you need. pppd *does* indeed do everything I could
ever need/want my modem to do.

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