Problem with LPRng

J.A. Neitzel jan.listbox at
Mon Oct 22 11:27:23 PDT 2001

Wolfgang Proehl wrote:

> Hi Jeff,
> 'hostname -vf' gives: gethostname()='sokrates'
> Resolving 'sokrates' ...
> hostname: Host name lookup failure
> And no, there is no /etc/hosts, so i think i have to create one accordingly
> to the LFS-book. By the way, why do i need this for printing.

Yes, you do want to have /etc/hosts . Create one by following the
book's directions...

Something like: sokrates.localdomain sokrates localhost

should be fine if this machine does not have a NIC and is not part of
a local network. Also, be sure that /etc/nsswitch.conf exists as well
and that both /etc/hosts and /etc/nsswitch.conf are world-readable
with mode 0644 .

Why do you need these things for printing??? Well, like many other
UNIX programs, your printing daemon has certain network capabilities.
I don't know LPRng exactly... Look at your LPRng docs and configs for
more on this.

Anyway, what it amounts to is that LPRng (from your original message)
was complaining that your hostname was bad, AND this is a network
related issue. But, what if you don't have a network? Well, the
localhost has the loopback network address to kind of ?_simulate_? a
network (oversimplified description)...

That is not *exactly* correct wrt the network stuff, but you get the
idea? Many programs will not operate correctly without this simple
loopback network interface.

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