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J.A. Neitzel jan.listbox at
Wed Oct 17 09:14:48 PDT 2001

Kurt V. Hindenburg wrote:
> In all my years using linux (since 2.0.x) I've never set up a firewall for
> my dial-up connection.  What is the consensus on the need for a firewall
> for dial-ups?

There have been several threads recently speaking of firewall issues.
You may like to have a look (search) in the archives..?

Regardless, I went to a couple presentations recently about
firewall/masquerading/etc. using iptables. There are a couple undeniable
facts to consider.
1) A firewall does not replace the need for host security.
2) A firewall adds an additional layer of security.
3) A poorly configured firewall can do more harm than good.

So, all I'll say is that you really have to start
at the starting point. Host Security!!!

> I've never heard of or needed lcms...

Nope, it's not required. I've never installed it anyway.
It's something like a color management library or something..?

> Why not install ungif library?  Although I don't use gifs, it is nice to be
> able to view them if you download some icons or something.

If you are going for a workstation and you're gonna have all the other
graphics libs... Why not? I always install it. Imlib can make use of it
if it's there.

> What does links have that lynx doesn't?

links can deal much better with pages that use tables and/or frames than
lynx can. I'd say to try em both! Then decide for yourself =)

> Oh well, a good start for the book... :-)

What??? These are after-the-book things... Can you clarify?
I must miss what you intend to say.
Have fun =)

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