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J.A. Neitzel jan.listbox at
Mon Oct 15 18:41:44 PDT 2001

gregturp wrote:
> Find where the actual style resides - probably in
> /wherever/blackbox/share/Blackbox/styles/
> Open the style that you normally use and change the
> last line to run your xv command.

Kind of... but not exactly.

> This is the only way to do it - blackbox is always going
> to try to set the background when a style is applied
> to it - you have to make sure that the style is using
> your xv command to set it.
> Otherwise you will need to enter the xv command at
> the console every time you change the style.
> Any more thoughts?

Ayup, that is the general idea. Check the following things to be sure
the background you want will be used. Whichever style you choose to
use, there will be a BB style file which makes everything happen.

==== example ====
First, check your ~/.blackboxrc .
Find the line that begins with "session.styleFile:".
The style I use is one I made. So, the corresponding line for me is:
session.styleFile:      /home/jan/.blackbox/styles/MetalPipes4

Go to your style file, the one indicated in your ~/.blackboxrc, and
find the line that begins with "rootCommand:".

Mine is:
rootCommand:    Esetroot /home/jan/.blackbox/bg_steelgray.jpg

Change it to read:
rootCommand:    <your_xv_command>

This should solve your background problem.

While you are at it... If you don't already have a ~/.blackbox/styles
directory, you may want to create it now. You can then keep personal
style files you have created and/or changed here.

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