Web Server LFS-style!!!!

elko elko at home.nl
Mon Oct 15 09:47:15 PDT 2001

On Monday 15 October 2001 18:09, Øyvind Repvik wrote:
> >Hi people!!
> >
> >I'm thinking of offering Internet access to some company, and
> > obvoiusly i'll be running a linux server. It will also serve as a
> > network management workstation for the (approx) 40+ PC network (all
> > running winblows). Now this box has to do: DNS, DHCP, email, ftp,
> > ssh, http(s), samba, ip masq, firewall, router, logging, proxy (If
> > anyone can think of some other network service we might need, lemme
> > know)

how about providing a fax- and sms-server also ;)

fax: maybe hylafax ?
(i'm working on it)

sms: sms_client;
if you write a wrapper-script and put that in inetd.conf,
the wintendo-clients in your network can send a sms with telnet;
or for unix from the commandline (with netcat, something like):
echo "john_doe:1234567890 Here's Johnny !!!" | nc -i 3 <host> <port>

(the sms-part works perfect for me this way;
 keeps me notified of my system's status... all day long...
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