Web Server LFS-style!!!!

Øyvind Repvik repvik at online.no
Mon Oct 15 09:09:22 PDT 2001

>Hi people!!
>I'm thinking of offering Internet access to some company, and obvoiusly 
>i'll be running a linux server. It will also serve as a network management 
>workstation for the (approx) 40+ PC network (all running winblows). Now 
>this box has to do: DNS, DHCP, email, ftp, ssh, http(s), samba, ip masq, 
>firewall, router, logging, proxy (If anyone can think of some other 
>network service we might need, lemme know)

For DHCP, I'd use ISC's dhcpd (www.isc.org)
For mail I'd use qmail (www.qmail.org)
For FTP I'd use ProFTPD (www.proftpd.org)
For ssh, I'd use openssh (www.openssh.org)
For http, well... I'd use apache (www.apache.org) (php (www.php.org) is 
useful too, especially combined with mysql (www.mysql.com))
For samba... well... samba =)

If you want to do a transparent and/or caching http/ftp proxy, I'd 
recommend squid (www.squid-cache.org)

Now, for DNS, there's two options that I use. I use ISC Bind, which I find 
easier to set up, but also has somewhat of a bed reputation security-wise.
There are also DJB-DNS (search freshmeat), which is a tad harder to set up 
the first time, but is more secure.

If you really wanna overload the box with functions, you might also want to 
get xntpd, to synchronize the clock on the box, so that all the 
windows-clients can
synch their time via samba.

Øyvind Repvik
Phone: +47 99389004

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