Web Server LFS-style!!!!

MJ POLLARD MJ 12322741 at puknet.puk.ac.za
Mon Oct 15 07:54:35 PDT 2001

Hi people!!

I'm thinking of offering Internet access to some company, and obvoiusly i'll be running a linux server. It will also serve as a network management workstation for the (approx) 40+ PC network (all running winblows). Now this box has to do: DNS, DHCP, email, ftp, ssh, http(s), samba, ip masq, firewall, router, logging, proxy (If anyone can think of some other network service we might need, lemme know)

Of course I am building the linux from the LinuxFromScratch Book and was wondering if you guys could suggest which software to use for all of the above mentioned services, and maybe direct me to usefull sources of information on all of the above.

Maybe (if i'm succesfull), i'll write a hint on all of this ;)


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