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Sun Oct 14 06:33:22 PDT 2001

> >>Windows simply isn't good at that kind of thing - I couldn't get
> >>sharing working even with my box booted into Windows, let alone with

You can get windows to do connection sharing reliably. I have a win95 Osr2
machine doing intenet sharing without a problem
(altough I must admit the stability improved A LOT as soon as I got the
machine at a corner and let no one use it for normal work)

> >Yes with 98 it's a pain, havn't figured it out here either... But it's
> >actually shipped with win98SE, Me and 2000. It's called internet
> >sharing and can be read about in the help. Basically you need to have it
> >installed (Windows setup->communication->internet connection sharing)
> >it must be activated by the mighty wizard ;).

I have friends that set this up (ICS) , I use a diferent solution and I'm
happy (see below)

> >The linux box _must_ run DHCP and have the windows box as default gateway
> >(I think the windows box defaults to ip x.x.x.1).

I dont run DHCP (but the software I use allows me to use it if I wanted to.
Not using makes my life easyer and I have static IP's set up on each

> Actually any Windows box can be used to share internet, you just need the
appropriate tools.  I'm currently using Sygate Home
> Network on my Win98 (first edition) box (used by the family, so not
> It uses NAT (aka IP Masquerading), which allows you to have unlimited
number of IP's "hidden" behind one exterior IP.  The program
> itself includes configurable access rules (if this port is opened out,
allow connections inward through this port) as well as things such as
> blacklisting, just like IPchains.  For my purposes it works just fine.  Of
course, you could probably do with a much more basic program (vproxy?)
> to give you just the basic feautres.  This program uses quite a bit of
resources, which is unfortunate.  However, with a simple NAT proxy
> program, of which many are available ( you should be able
to share Internet with any Windows box.  One I might suggest is
> All Aboard 2000.  I used it for a friend's system and she's never problems
yet.  It was merely a matter of running the program and everything set
> itself up.  But now I'm rambling :)

I dont now this aboard one, but what I use has
- Firewall rules (like ipchains)
- Proxy server
- Dns forwarder
- DHCP server

You can use it just by setting up the NAT and leave everything else alone
(and configuring the NAT is just a matter of introducing the internet
connection you use in a dialog box)
In my case , I have NAT, dns forwarder (the clients dns server look for dns
at this machine) and proxy. I have runned it in a machine as low as a P200
MMX with 32 Mb ram
this is " winroute " and you can get it at (evaluation
version - no limitations - for 30 days)
You have a excelent manual to download that explains you a lot abou
configuring with the different ways you have to set up you connection!

Good luck!

Joao Clemente
"My software never has bugs. It just develops random features" - Unknown

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