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Sun Oct 14 03:34:10 PDT 2001

On Sun, 14 Oct 2001, Stefano wrote:

>I'm totally lost between .xinitrc and .bsetbgrc trying to set a default background image.
>bsetbg seems to work only with colors, if i run "bsetbg -f /path to image/image.jpg" nothing happens :-(
>I've tried all the combinations of xv and bsetbg in .xinitrc and .bsetbgrc but none of them worked.
>Can someone write it down for me what exactly put in that files, please?
>Thanks a lot,

not a solution, but a suggestion, have you tried xv ?
( ) It's not gpl'ed (shareware for
personal use) but I have a habit of taking the easy way out.

xv -root -max -quit filename.jpg

The only other idea that springs to mind is libraries .. does bsetbg
require libjpeg ?

HTH, Shaun.

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