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> On Wednesday 10 October 2001 00:58, Jan Stifter wrote:
> > My Fonts in KDE looks still ugly, even though I have [X] antialised
> > fonts compiled into qt and I have [X] turned on the antialised fonts
> > in KDE. Is there a tool, with which I can see, which fonts are
> > installed? Where can I download more fonts?
Are you sure you have AA? Look at some fonts with xmagnify, if they have
cartled edges, they're not AA. I recently discovered that if you build X
with -O3 optimization, KDE will have some problems using AA by default.

> Xfontsel should list the available fonts. As for obtaining more of
them, copy
> them off a Windows machine, if you have one. If you want more still,
do a web
> search for fonts - you'll likely find thousands of them.
> Simong.
Strange, on my machine xfontsel doesn't list all the fonts. It lists
2451 types (X build with Type 1 and 100dpi fonts only) but doesn't list
my windows-fonts (*.ttf), which are of fndry -microsoft-*. KDE uses them
perfectly, however.

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