cups and 3 printing hints?

Craig Colton meerkats at
Fri Oct 5 16:06:29 PDT 2001

On Friday 05 October 2001 12:19 pm, you wrote:
> Hi,
> If this is on the wrong newsgroup please tell me so.
> Simple question... Does cups need an /etc/printcap ? If so, does it
> generate this automagically for you? Must you do this manually?
> I don't know if any of the printing hint authors read here... But,
> here is my question/suggestion. Why have 3 printing hints? Why not
> simply combine the best of all 3 into 1. Why do I suggest this?
> Even with 3 hints, I still had to murk in all of the docs for every
> package to be sure the hints were correct... Frankly, with 3 hints I
> would tend to believe this not to be necessary. It was necessary.
> Really, I would have done better without having the hints at all and
> doing it the old-fashioned way from the start.
> Maybe I'm missing what these hints were trying to achieve..?
> Anyway, *please* don't interpret my words here as antagonistic.
> I'm not trying to generate flame-worthy posts, but I am simply
> trying to offer constructive criticism.
> I've never been much for printing anyway.

I could be wrong, but I think CUPS does use /etc/printcap, but not like the 
older systems did. Using cups with my epson printer, my /etc/printcap has one 
line - epson: - which is my quite imaginative name for it. Did you use the 
cups administrator to set it up? I think this is how my printcap file was 


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