devfs and bootscripts...

Mark Ellis mark.uzumati at
Thu Oct 4 09:35:45 PDT 2001

On 2001.10.03 12:19 Simon Geard wrote:
> On Tuesday 02 October 2001 20:01, Jonathan Kelly wrote:
> > My proposition is, "if you're not running devfsd, you're not using
> devfs".
> Short version is, devfs is the kernel system that provides the /dev
> virtual 
> filesystem.
> Devfsd is a daemon that helps manage that filesystem - in particular, it 
> dynamically creates symlinks so that older programs can continue to use
> the 
> traditional device names (e.g /dev/dsp instead of the new
> /dev/sound/dsp). It 
> can also be used to set appropriate permissions on the devices, since
> some 
> devices may default to be accessible only by root.
> Devfsd is not mandatory for using devfs, but may be useful.

The other use for devfsd is with kernel modules that provide a dev entry.
When dev is probed for a nonexistent entry, devfsd kicks off modprobe,
module gets loaded (if it exists) and pops up a device node. This is the
only reason I still run devfsd.

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