errors installing gpm

Mike Tharp (#94) chexmeexNO at
Wed Oct 3 19:42:15 PDT 2001

I just installed gpm and couldn't get the man pages installed.  I ran make
in the doc directory and the compile says something about 'make
error 1' right after a statement involving dvips (which isn't on the
machine!).  Also, the Makefile uses gawk, which also is not on my machine.
Anyone else install gpm correctly?  I've read both hints.  The procedure
works until I try to copy documents to the proper man folders (the files
don't exist).

gpm works correctly, as far as I can tell, but has no documentation.  Also,
I would appreciate it if someone would email me a copy of the ifup and
ifdown scripts (or tell where I might find them :-)

-Mike Tharp

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