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Thu Jun 28 07:20:13 PDT 2001

hi there

i've two computers and am trying to setup a network but for some 
reason i'm not able to ping to either machine when i have both of 
them runnig linux but when i run window$ in the computer that as both 
linux and window$ ping works fine

i can ping to my self using or

i have lfs working in both and everything looks the same -- network 
card is recognized in both, routing table is the same in both -- and 
seems to be working properly but when i ping nothing passes through

i've had the network working before but since i've installed a cdw in 
the secondary ide interface it doesn't work with the dual boot 
machine when runnig linux (lfs) though windows works well -- at least 
pinging between two machines

i've looked in google but all i've read talks about not being able to 
see the card, etc

sending attachment with kernel log and <ifconfig> and <netstat -nr>

i'v been looking in network administartors guide i took from linux 
documentation project
no pointers there - i think

does anybody have ideas 

thanks go in advance

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