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didbaba didbaba at
Wed Jun 27 11:04:52 PDT 2001

> The find program doesn't have any information internal to the script. The -exec
> option expects to get a program name as an argument, followed by the program's
> arguments. That's why it only worked when you put it in a separate script.

That's what I guess.

> > Another Hint, do you know a fonction, who say if a file is a file, a
> > directory, a link ...
> the -type option can be used in find to match links, directories, and files
> (among others).
> Something like
> find ~ -regex "$PRUNE_EX" -prune \
>       -o -type l \
>          -printf "%p-->%l  %u:%g   Perms(%m)  Size(%s bytes) \n" \
>       -o -type d \
>          -printf "%p     %u:%g  Perms(%4m)  DIRECTORY \n"        \
>       -o         \
>          -printf "%p     %u:%g  Perms(%m)  Size(%s bytes)  MD5::" \
>          -exec md5sum {} \; 
> Should work well.
> Chad Simmons
thanks, I use the -o in conjunction with -find for a more simple solution.

I see that I'm far away from being a good script writer...

PS : So it seem that it's not possible to use a bash script function outside of a script...

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