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just took a look at the archives and noticed, that somebody was looking
for a portmap hint. In fact, I wrote one and I tried to submit it, when
the whole trouble started. So, if you still feel interested, here it is
- once again:

I hope, you get this message. I have been subscribed from the list,
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                         How to install the portmapper
   by Wolfgang Arendt <wolare at gmx.de>
   LFS version: Any
   How to install the portmapper

     * Introduction
     * Where to get the necessary files
     * Compiling tcp-wrappers
     * Installing tcp-wrappers
     * Compiling the portmapper.
     * Installing the portmapper
     * Creating a start/stop script 

   You need the portmapper, if you intend to build a system, that offers
   NFS or a NIS services.
Where to get the necessary files

   You can find the tcp_wrappers package and the portmapper at
   The latest packages are named tcp_wrappers_7.6-ipv6.1.tar.gz and
Compiling tcp-wrappers

   First, unpack the source package. This creates a directory named
   tcp_wrappers_7.6-ipv6.1. Make a symbolic link from this directory to
   tcp_wrappers. This is needed during the compilation of the portmapper.
   Then enter the top level directory of the tcp wrappers package.
   First, alter the file percent_m.c by running:
  cp percent_m.c percent_m.c.backup &&
  chmod u+w percent_m.c &&
  cat percent_m.c.backup |\
  sed -e '/extern char \*sys_errlist\[\];/d' > percent_m.c

   Then issue
   make REAL_DAEMON_DIR=/usr/sbin linux

Installing tcp-wrappers

   In order to install the tcp wrappers create this file and run it:

# compress and copy man pages
for THIS_FILE in *.[0123456789]; do
    cut -d "." -f 2)
  cat $THIS_FILE |\
    gzip > /usr/share/man/man${THIS_SECTION}/${THIS_FILE}.gz
  echo $THIS_FILE -\> /usr/share/man/man${THIS_SECTION}/${THIS_FILE}.gz

# copy headers
cp -v *.h /usr/include

# copy libraries
cp -v *.a /usr/lib

# copy executables
for THIS_EXECUTABLE in *; do
  if [ -x $THIS_EXECUTABLE ]; then
    # the next 'if' avoids copying this script itself
    if [ ! $THIS_EXECUTABLE = $(basename $0) ]; then
      cp -v $THIS_EXECUTABLE /usr/sbin

   This script copies all the manual pages to the /usr/share/man
   directory. Then it copies the header files to the /usr/include
   directory and the file libwrap.a to the /usr/lib directory. After
   that, it copies all the executables to the /usr/sbin directory.
   That is all, that is to be done for tcp_wrappers. Do not delete the
   source tree yet, as it is needed during compilation of the portmapper.
Compiling the portmapper.

   Unpack the source package and change to the top level directory of the
   unpacked files. First, you need to modify the Makefile. The critical
   line reads:
  CONST   = -Dconst=

   Comment out this line, so that it reads
  # CONST   = -Dconst=

   Now you can build the portmapper by issuing

Installing the portmapper

   After that, copy the executable to /usr/sbin
  cp portmap /usr/sbin

Creating a start/stop script

   All, that is left to be done is, to write a start/stop-script (use
   /etc/init.d/template) and link it to the runlevel directories 3, 4 and
   5 for starting and to 0, 1, 2 and 6 for stopping. Make sure, that the
   portmapper is being started before starting NFS or NIS services and
   make sure that these services are being stopped before the portmapper
   gets killed.
   I guess, that is it. You just installed the portmapper from scratch.

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