SETI at Home : Team LFS

elko elko at
Fri Jun 22 09:30:12 PDT 2001

is this time to complete a unit about standard ?
(is it slow or ok) 

Done with work unit.
Sending result - connecting to server.
All data sent.
SETI at home account summary:
Name: elko
Data units completed: 1
Total computer time: 23 hr 05 min 12.6 sec
Found data file: no. Found result header file: no.
Getting data - connecting to server.
Receiving data: 10K
Receiving data: 20K
Receiving data: 340K
All data received.
Scanning data file
Data Info:
Sky coordinates: 22.918 R.A., 27.870 Dec
Recorded on:  2451930.31771 (Sat Jan 20 19:37:30 2001)
Source: Arecibo Radio Observatory
Base Frequency: 1.419042969 GHz
Beginning analysis...
Doing baseline smoothing.
Starting work for Doppler shift rate 0.000000, FFT length 131072
0.000154% done

* I forgot it was running... 
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