Randy Hron rwhron at
Sun Jun 17 13:43:40 PDT 2001

> I think that kernel compilation is a nice GNU/Linux benchmark. I do not
> know whether the following is some kind of official benchmark but it is
> used by a few computer magazines and hardware sites to compare systems.
> 1.) Untar a fresh kernel source archive.
> 2.) cd to the created source tree.
> 3.) do a "make menuconfig", choose "exit" and save the configuration.
> 4.) do a "make dep"
> 5.) do a "time make bzImage"
> 6.) devide 10^6 by the time in seconds displayed behind "user:" to
>      receive your "score"
> If you do this with the exact same kernel archive on different systems
> you have something to compare the systems by.
> My current system PIII 850, 512MB needs 3:56m = 236s with a
> 2.4.5 kernel. So my "score" is 1000000 / 236 = 4237 "points".

That's neat.   I like the "score".

I recently discovered some good Linux benchmarks at

They don't measure QT, graphics, or the network, but they do hit
CPU, FPU, disk, memory, OS system calls, and the compiler.
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