Still about keyboard sttings

Joao Pedro Clemente jpcl at
Sat Jun 16 16:35:17 PDT 2001

I've tested a bit more my keyboard in console mode
( I repeat - console mode - no X )
and my "Home" key works... but my "End" key does not (prints an '~').

This can't be .xmodmap related (since that only changes behaviour in X,
right?) so, where to change/set something? 


Oh, btw, isn't it possible to get the info we place in ~/.xmodmap,
~/.Xdefaults, ... , in a file that sets that for every user? Like it
happens if we use /etc/profile instead of using ~/.bash_profile for the
shell settings, paths, etc? 

Thanks again.

		        	Joao Pedro Clemente	
        			jpcl @
					(when not working out)
					(when not sleeping)
					(when not surfing)
					(when not ... ;)

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