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Chris F.A. Johnson c.f.a.johnson at
Thu Jun 14 13:38:15 PDT 2001

On Thu, 14 Jun 2001, Ralf Vitasek wrote:

> hi!
> i´ve noticed that i'll get an error when reading manpages
> <standard input>:1380: warning: can't break line
> then the manpage is shown, but an inverted <AD> is there instead of a
> hyphenation.
> i tried reinstalling man but that didn`t solve it.
> does anyone know whats wrong?

It's not man trouble it's w^H less trouble, less being the pager used to
display the man pages.

This can be solved either by including the -r option in the environment
variable LESS, or be defining a character set in LESSCHARSET,
See the man page for more info.

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