DRI : I DID IT (or my very own DRI guide for myself)

Drew Smith drewsmith at softhome.net
Wed Jun 13 00:35:59 PDT 2001

> **** Second problem ****
> This was a mistake. Today I bought an optical Logitech mouse (adv), and
> wanted to put it in the USB port (just for fun). So I recompiled my
> kernel and reinstalled the modules. What I didn't know is that it cleans
> the kernel subdirectory in /lib/modules/2.4.4. So I lost my tdfx.o
> module. Of course just right after I rm'ed the xc source tree, to make a
> 600Mb room for OpenGL games :-( So right now I'm recompiling X to get it
> back :-P
> Where would you put this module ? In misc, with the alsa drivers ? Or in
> a separate subdir ? And if I modprobe a module and make a depmod (-a),
> will it automatically find the needed module next time ? (the point is
> that I don't fully understand the way /etc/modules.conf works for the
> moment).

Uhm, not running the 2.4 series kernel myself, I can't say for sure how you 
encountered the problem (unless you specifically did a make clean) with the 
module going missing, but as far as the modules.conf issue goes, you don't 
need to specifically load the tdfx module in there. It'll be loaded when you 
run X anyway, assuming you tell it to load in XF86Config. At least that's how 
it's working for me. 

Maybe I'm nuts, but I would imagine the tdfx driver will be built with the 
other modules at compile time, and if you wish to use a modified module (as I 
do for my network card) all you need do is copy the replacement into place, 
overwriting the kernel version and follow it up with a depmod -a.

> Thanks if you can give me any advice on this subject.

Well, there's my $0.02

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