GPM support for jed

Imre Vida vida at
Mon Jun 4 12:22:34 PDT 2001

Thanks, it seems to work now - at least there are no errormsgs

> BTW, I am not certain if it's OK to use both slang and ncurses it one 
> application.
> Not to say that they are mutually exclusive ( did not try ), but doesn't look 
> right ...
I understand what you mean, but for jed it seem to be OK.
At least, in Debain mouse works fine with jed.
Also as far as i understand jed itself depends on slang 
and only the mouse related functions are dependent on ncurses
so two very well defined and separated aspects of the program.

But if you don't mind i would ask you one more question: the errormsg
gives precisely the version and location of 
so how is it that ld can not find it and needs -lncurses?

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