getting checkinstall to work

Drew Smith drewsmith at
Tue Jun 5 21:23:15 PDT 2001

On Monday 04 June 2001 18:58, you wrote:

> Drew> Do you have /var/adm/packages?
> /var/log/packages exists, as does /var/log/setup, and several
> others. (On the Slack systems I have access to, /var/adm is symlinked
> to /var/log.) 

As it is here.

> The Slackware *pkg scripts seem to be working fine; the
> issue is the checkinstall (actually, the installwatch library) fails
> to trap all the calls made by make.
> john.

Hey John....

	I'm not sure I'm really with you here, but....  In /var/log/packages is 
simply a list of the packages that have been installed, contents of which is 
the files that were installed in the package for later removal/upgrading, 
right?  What is you are trying to do, replicate the operation of pkgtool? 
Neat idea.  

Problem is, Slack isn't exactly compliant in regards to file locations. And I 
somehow don't think that Patrick had it in mind to maintain a system from the 
level of building it from source, only using the precompiled packages as 
provided in the slakware tree, to make it easier for the end user to manage 
upgrades. (me thinks he doesn't like the rpm way, anymore than I do :)

More power to ya. And as I said in my previous note, I'm doing from scratch 
"again", so if I can be of help, lemme know. If it's workable, you're onto 
something.... no doubt.

Now then... Do I recompile and build lfswat on 2.2.19 or 2.4.5 ?? hmmm.


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