root at -f

root root at
Sun Jun 3 13:57:26 PDT 2001

	Dear List,

	Using  PS1="[\u@\h \W]\\$ "  *was* giving me a command prompt of 
"root @-f <directory>" (should read "root at clara......") at certain terminals 
(including xterm).
	After fiddling with some files, including /etc/login.defs, I managed 
to lock myself out until I recompiled shadow password from my old system.
Now it gives me this peculiar prompt constantly. In addition, "smbmount
//mae/j  /root/mae", yields:
	[root at -f /root]# smbmount //mae/j /root/mae
	Get_Hostbyname: Unknown host -f
	304: Connection to mae failed
	SMB connection failed

	Does anybody know what could be happening here?
	Thank you,

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